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  • Goliath


    Who I am?

    Well, sometimes I'd like to know that too \\\\\\\\\"\\\\\\\\"\\\\\\\"\\\\\\"\\\\\"\\\\"\\\"\\"\":lachen:\"\\"\\\"\\\\"\\\\\"\\\\\\"\\\\\\\"\\\\\\\\"\\\\\\\\\"

    Normally, I'm a working mother of two and since 2014 even a grandmother who lives with her family in the middle of the Ruhrpott. In my (very little) free time, I indulge in my great passion: photography and virtual handicrafts. I love dragons, I'm into fantasy through and through (quote from my mother: \\\\\\\\\"You come from another planet anyway\\\\\\\\\"). When it comes to action films, where muscular men with tight asses protect the good and save the world at the same time, I'm immediately involved \\\\\\\\\"\\\\\\\\"\\\\\\\"\\\\\\"\\\\\"\\\\"\\\"\\"\":zwinker:\"\\"\\\"\\\\"\\\\\"\\\\\\"\\\\\\\"\\\\\\\\"\\\\\\\\\"

    A wonderful man who bravely endures me and my quirks also belongs to my inner circle.

  • Moorhexe

    Goliath's right hand

  • Manu

    Goliath's left hand

  • Jotte

    Blob expert